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The application process is long and tough.

Make sure you're prepared.

ERAS will be part of your life for more than you know.

You will use it for Medical School Application, Residency and Fellowship.

Here are some tricks to better navigate it.

  1. Buy your token as soon as possible: buying the token asap will give you more time to work on your profile.

  2. Have your CV up to date: this is by far the longest part of the process. You will have to fill out your CV category by category. It can get very tedious. Having your CV up to date will make things easier.

  3. Identify LOR writers early in the year: LORs are very important, having them uploaded in a timely fashion is even more important. Identifying possible LOR authors early will give you an advantage. LOR have to be uploaded to the platform by the authors, with a code emitted by you once you upload the author's information.

  4. LOR: be bold and upfront when it comes to asking for LORs. If the author cannot provide a strong LOR, or cannot deliver it in time find someone who can. You need good, strong LOR and, you need them by a set date. Preferably, before the application process begins.

  5. Complete your profile: you can apply to any program with an incomplete profile. Your application might not make the cut because of this. The sooner you start working on your application process, the faster is going to get completed. This is important because when you send your application, the Program will have everything they need. It gives you a higher chance of being selected for interview.

  6. Headshots: although I didn't have professional headshots (I couldn't afford it), this is also an important part of your application.

  7. Hobbies: this is an opportunity to show your personality and share interests outside of Medicine.

Mucho éxito en este Match Season!

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