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If you’re considering pursuing a career in Healthcare, this is for you.

The healthcare field is filled with amazing people and grand opportunities. It’s also filled with many challenges that are unknown to many.

  1. Remember what sparked your interest in Healthcare.

Medical training is exhausting, physically, emotionally and financially. This can

quickly take a toll on you. Remembering what made you choose this career path is

important to keep you grounded and focused.

2. Work hard.

Medical School is hard. You need to be engaged and committed 100%. Work harder

than you’ve ever worked before. That includes studying your ass off. Setting aside

short and long term goals will help you stay focused, Block out all distractions and


3. Be financially prepared.

Preparing yourself for Medical School is expensive. Applying to Medical School is

expensive. This includes Board prep courses, MCAT, ERAS, application fees, Pre Med

transcription fees, travel costs, interview attire, etc., can quickly add up. Try to save

up as much as possible prior to applying to Medical School. Be wise about spending


4. Don’t give up on your dream.

Plan for success, prepare for failure. We all expect to accomplish what we set ourselves

to do. Sometimes this is not the case. When you plan for success and stick to your plan,

no matter the outcome, you know you did your best. When you prepare for failure, you

have set alternate plans in place that can also help you accomplish your goal.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others.

I learned this the hard way. You cannot measure your success with someone else’s

ruler. We are all different. Our paths might cross but we all need to walk our journeys

independently. Not everything works well for everyone. Some might struggle more

than others, and that’s ok. Your journey is set out to mold you in to the person you’re

going to become.Don’t be hard on yourself about success, you will get there, trust me!

Becoming a Physician has been my life project/mission. I’ve grown in many ways along the way. While on my journey, I had no mentors to look up to. No one in my immediate family knew about the process, or what lied ahead for me. So I learned most of these things along the way.

If integrating yourself in the Healthcare field is your passion, I hope these tips will make your journey a little smoother.

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