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Pandemic Fatigue

1. What is Pandemic Fatigue? According to the World Health Organization (WHO 2020): -Pandemic fatigue is a natural reaction to the...

Patient Death

I will never forget the first time I experienced the death of a patient. My patient. It was hard. Facing his family was harder. Nobody...


The application process is long and tough. Make sure you're prepared. ERAS will be part of your life for more than you know. You will use...


I truly believe that Residency is what puts you to the test, much more than Medical School. Residency training is by far the hardest...

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Internal Medicine
Point of Care Ultrasound

Patient empowerment: knowledgeable patients are healthier patients.

Our responsibility is not only to prevent, diagnose and treat, but to educate patients while practicing medicine. In times of so much misinformation, it's our job to step up and bring adequate medical information to digital platforms. 

Deglamorizie Medicine: this career is very sacrificed, and it entails many hardships. By sharing my story, I shed light to unspoken truths in the medical field and help pre-meds, med students and residents achieve their goals. 

Women in Medicine: taken and filling spaces that were once "not designed" for women. Sexism in Medicine is very real. Talking about it and standing up to it is a way to direct our field towards change.

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